© Lamphere’s Tree Service 2012 Site Design by Computer Service Pros We are a family owned and operated tree care business. We have been taking care of trees in Oakland County since 1961! We are a full service tree care company located in Waterford, Michigan. We have an I.S.A. Certified Arborist on staff. Our entire crew is highly skilled and knowledgeable in all areas of the tree care business. We have all the equipment needed to get any job done and done right! We are fully insured so you can rest easy when you hire Lamphere’s Tree Service. About Us Lamphere’s Tree Service 4900 Pontiac Lake Road Waterford, MI. 48328 248-673-8536 Serving Oakland County Since 1961 24 Hour emergency service - Licensed & Insured Contact Us Whether caused by decay, poor form, or the weather, trees sometimes fall - sometimes onto houses, cars or driveways threatening your personal safety and property. Of course, the best time to remove a tree with poor health or structure is before it breaks apart or falls. We are a complete tree care company specializing in... Removal Areal Bucket (Climber on Staff) Trimming Removal of weak, diseased, dead, or crowded branches preventing breakage that can endanger the tree, property, and people. Machine Stump Removal Stups are typically ground to a depth of 4”-6” below grade so that grass or trees can be planted over them. Services
csp logo mcs logo Firewood Links & Tips Use the following Links and tips to take care of your trees and prevent damage. Emerald Ash Borer Frequently Asked Questions What forms of payments do you accept? We accept personal checks, business checks and cash. How Much wood do I need for a winter season? A face cord also known as a rick is 8 ft. long and 4 ft. high. This is about 180 pieces of wood. A typical 2-3 hour fire uses about 7 pieces of wood, so a face cord should last about 25 nights. How do I know when firewood is ready to burn? Look for grey or darkened, brittle wood that has lots of cracks in the inner rings. If split open, seasoned wood is white inside bu dry to the touch. Green wood is shine and is heavy and wet to the touch. You can often see the water in the grain and this is wood that is not ready to burn. Delivery or Pick- up available. Lamphere’s Tree Service has been selling firewood as long as we have been taking care of trees! We sell only the best seasoned mixed hardwood. Each face cord of firewood is delivered with a package of fire starters to ensure a great fire every time! Service Area - Most of Oakland County. Call to see if we deliver to your area.

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